Guerra S.p.A.

An Italian family business that has been operating in the bakery and pastry sector since the 1930s.

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Our Products

We offer a complete range of products for professional use and innovative solutions designed for bakery artisans, food industries and food service operators.

Quality Assurance

Our work is focused on quality and each step of our process (production or related to) is aiming to ensure the placing on the market of safe products that meet our customers’ requirements.
Through the years we have been committed to build a quality assurance system integrated with the entire company system in order to apply a constant improvement to all stages, starting from the production ones, through an accurate production’s control and monitoring, until the product’s sale.


The food tastes and consumers habits constantly guide us in the development of new products. We are looking for constant improvement and updating, thanks to the collaboration between our R&D team and prestigious specialists in the Food sector.


We want to guarantee our customers the highest levels of quality and safety. Our control policies and the strict application of the HACCP protocol ensure systematic quality control, perfect traceability and constant improvement in risk detection.


We draw from the great Italian bakery and pastry tradition to industrialize our recipes and put them at the service of artisan and industrial customers, with a precise goal: to develop innovative solutions combining fantasy and quality, tradition and technology.

90 years of history

Since 1930 to nowadays many things have changed but our commitment and determination remain the same. Every day with our products we are side by side with bakers,pastry chefs, industries, baristas and chefs, always ready to listen to their needs, make easier their work and inspire their creativity.

About us

Our Recipes

Discover our Chef’s recipes and get inspired by 7CHEF’s and Bakery Line’s versatility.

Ricetta Frillo


1. Pour the mix and the eggs into the planetary, mix with a fish bone…

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1. Knead the eggs and the mix on low speed as long as it takes…

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1. Knead for 2 minutes (with fish bone structure) at low speed and for 4…

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We offer services to Customers with communication material and customized formulations of the products.

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